What is Ky Nam? Classification, identification and price of Ky Nam

Giá của Kỳ Nam đắt đỏ và phụ thuộc vào nhiều yếu tố

Ky Nam is an extremely rare and expensive wood, known as the “king of agarwood”. So What is Ky Nam?? Why is Ky Nam so valuable? The article below is by Khuong Tram Huong will answer all questions surrounding this precious wood.

What is Ky Nam? Basic definition

Ky Nam is the wood with the highest quality and value in the world. It is formed from the sap secreted by the Avocado tree to protect wounds on the tree trunk after hundreds of years.

What is Ky Nam? Ky Nam is extremely rare because of its long formation process
What is Ky Nam? Ky Nam is extremely rare because of its long formation process

The formation time of Ky Nam lasted from 500 to nearly 1000 years. That’s why it becomes extremely rare and expensive. Not every tree can create Ky Nam. Among millions of trees, there is only one tree capable of giving birth to Ky Nam. Thus, it can be understood that Ky Nam is an extremely rare wood because the natural formation process lasts hundreds of years.

Common types of Ky Nam

Depending on the color, Ky Nam is divided into 4 main types:

Bach Ky Nam

Bach Ky Nam is ivory white and covered with a layer of fine powder. The inside of the wood core is reddish brown. This is the rarest and most expensive type of Ky Nam. Its formation time can be up to 3000 years. Bach Ky Nam has a cool, sweet and very pleasant scent.

Thanh Ky Nam

Thanh Ky Nam has a characteristic jade green color with small, smooth veins. The formation time is at least 2500 years. The scent of Thanh Ky Nam consists of 3 layers: cool scent, poppy scent and honey scent.

Huynh Ky Nam

Huynh Ky Nam has a shiny yellow color, similar to amber. Fermentation time is 1500 years or more. Elegant, sweet scent with a hint of cinnamon.

Huynh Ky Nam has amber yellow color with a sweet scent
Huynh Ky Nam has amber yellow color with a sweet scent

Black Ky Nam

Black Ky Nam is pitch black with sparkling light on the surface. The formation time is over 1000 years. The scent is a combination of herbs and plants, with a spicy taste.

Thus, depending on the color and time of formation, Ky Nam is classified into 4 main types. Among them, Bach Ky Nam is the rarest and most expensive type.

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3 outstanding uses of Ky Nam

With a period of formation of up to thousands of years, Ky Nam not only has economic value but also has profound meaning in terms of health, culture and fashion.

For human health

Ky Nam contains many natural essential oils, which have the effect of regulating blood circulation, nourishing the blood, sedating, etc. The aroma of Ky Nam helps relax the brain, reduce stress and improve sleep. Ky Nam is also used as a medicine in Oriental medicine. Thus, in terms of health, Ky Nam has many positive benefits for humans.

In culture, feng shui and spirituality

Since ancient times, Ky Nam has been used to worship gods or as precious gifts. Today, people believe that Ky Nam has natural spiritual energy that can ward off evil spirits and bring luck and peace. Ky Nam is also considered a symbol of wealth and prosperity. Thus, spiritually and culturally, Ky Nam has many positive meanings and is an item that brings luck to the owner.

Ky Nam is considered a symbol of prosperity
Ky Nam is considered a symbol of prosperity

High fashion value

With unique beauty and rarity, fashion products from Ky Nam such as bracelets, rings, necklaces,… become luxury items, symbolizing luxury and class. Ky Nam is also often used as an expensive gift for relatives and friends. Owning a Ky Nam product also shows the user’s status and uniqueness. Thus, Ky Nam also plays an important role in the field of high fashion.

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Instructions on how to distinguish Ky Nam from agarwood

Although formed from the same tree resin, Ky Nam and agarwood still have differences:

  • Regarding color: Ky Nam usually has a darker color, pure black or dark brown. Agarwood has a lighter brown color.
  • About scent: Ky Nam has a stronger, richer scent and lasts longer. The scent of agarwood is gentler and more faint.
  • Regarding hardness: Ky Nam is usually softer and more flexible because it contains more oil. Agarwood is harder and drier.
  • When burned: Ky Nam creates dense white smoke, flying straight into the sky. The incense smoke is thinner and dissipates faster.
  • When dropped into water: Because it contains a lot of oil, Ky Nam will sink to the bottom. Agarwood is lighter so it will float on the water surface.
  • Burning: When burning, Ky Nam creates dense white smoke, flying straight into the sky. Meanwhile, incense smoke is often thinner and dissipates faster.
Distinguishing Ky Nam and Agarwood through burning
Distinguishing Ky Nam and Agarwood through burning

Popular applications of Ky Nam in life

In addition to its medicinal and feng shui value, Ky Nam is also widely used in daily life:


Burning Ky Nam is an indispensable item in Vietnamese spiritual rituals. When burned, Ky Nam emits a gentle, pure fragrance, creating a feeling of relaxation and comfort. Ky Nam steaming also has the effect of purifying the air and banishing evil spirits.

Make a scene

Ky Nam is used to make unique and luxurious agarwood products. Ky Nam agarwood placed in the room not only decorates but also creates a pleasant fragrance, relaxing the spirit.

Make essential oils

Ky Nam essential oil is extracted to make high-end perfume. Ky Nam essential oil is also used as a spice in cuisine.

Make jewelry

Ky Nam is crafted into precious jewelry such as bracelets, rings, necklaces… Jewelry from Ky Nam has delicate, unique beauty and profound feng shui meaning.

Thus, Ky Nam is not only valuable for use in medicine and feng shui, but is also widely applied in many other areas of life.

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How much does Ky Nam cost on the market?

Agarwood is an extremely rare and expensive type of agarwood. Due to its rarity and difficulty in finding, astragalus does not have a fixed price but fluctuates very high, possibly up to millions of USD per kilogram. Price also depends on many factors such as quality, origin, and rarity.

Ky Nam's price is expensive and depends on many factors
Ky Nam’s price is expensive and depends on many factors

For collection, the best type of astragalus is Bach Ky Nam which can cost 30-50 billion VND per kg. Thanks to its rarity and special uses, the price of amulets is increasing over time, attracting the attention of many people.

How to recognize Ky Nam is simple

To distinguish between real and fake Ky Nam, you can rely on some of the following characteristics:

Observe with the naked eye

Real Ky Nam has a dense structure and tight fibers. Meanwhile, fake Ky Nam is often loose and inconsistent. If you look closely under a magnifying glass, you will see that the flesh fibers of real Ky Nam are stacked evenly on top of each other.

Smell the scent

Ky Nam really has a strong, rich and long-lasting fragrance. Meanwhile, the smell of fake Ky Nam is often faint and unclear.

Taste with your mouth

When tasted by mouth, real Ky Nam will have a spicy taste, causing a tingling feeling on the tongue. Fake Ky Nam has a light taste or no taste at all.


The color of real Ky Nam is usually dark, jet black or dark brown. While fake Ky Nam has a light, uneven color.

Submerged water

Because it contains a lot of oil, real Ky Nam will sink to the bottom when dropped into water. On the contrary, fake Ky Nam often stands out.


When burned, the smoke of real Ky Nam will fly straight, dense and long lasting. Meanwhile, the smoke of fake Ky Nam often dissipates quickly and unevenly.

Thus, by careful observation, you can easily distinguish real and fake Ky Nam.

Recognizing Ky Nam is simple through some basic characteristics
Recognizing Ky Nam is simple through some basic characteristics

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So, through the above article, we have a better understanding of what Ky Nam is and other useful information about Ky Nam. The price of agarwood is also very expensive, it can reach tens of billions of dong per kilogram depending on the quality. To recognize a real men’s period, buyers need to rely on factors such as its external appearance as well as its characteristic internal properties.

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