Agarwood agarwood: The formation process, uses and how to identify

Tượng phật trầm tốc banh

Tram speed ball Also known as agarwood, it is a type of agarwood that is highly valuable and rare on the market. With a long forming time, Agarwood contains a large amount of essential oils, creating a characteristic scent and unique wood grain patterns. In this article, Khuong Tram Huong will help you learn more about agarwood through its characteristics, uses and how to recognize it.

The formation of agarwood accelerates the ball

Agarwood is formed from Aquilaria trees when they are damaged or affected by external factors. At that time, the tree will secrete an amount of resin to heal the wound. This process takes place over a long period of time, usually lasting 6 to 10 years. Therefore, the amount of essential oil accumulated in agarwood will be greater than in regular agarwood.

Agarwood agarwood will have more oil than regular agarwood
Agarwood agarwood will have more oil than regular agarwood

In addition, the speed of agarwood is also affected by conditions such as the time the tree secretes agarwood resin, the amount of essential oil, the terrain and weather where the tree grows. All of these factors affect the density and distribution of essential oils in each fiber of agarwood.

What are the characteristics of agarwood toc ball?

So what are the characteristics of Toc Ball agarwood, what are the unique features compared to other types of agarwood and wood? Let’s take a look at the 3 main characteristics of the bass drum:


Agarwood agarwood has a dark brown color with many irregular black streaks on the surface. This is one of the differences compared to other types of agarwood, making it easier to identify agarwood.

Wood grain and grain

The wood fibers of Agarwood have a smooth, clean and slender texture. They elongate into characteristic ridges. Due to the long accumulation time of the agarwood and the high density of essential oils, the agarwood oil rays have penetrated deeply into each wood grain, forming soft lines, different from the clear lines in other types of agarwood.


With the same volume, ball bass often weighs more than many other types of bass. This is because the agarwood contains a large amount of essential oil inside each wood fiber, along with the prolonged accumulation time of the agarwood, increasing the volume of the wood.

Accelerated agarwood is heavier than other types of agarwood
Accelerated agarwood is heavier than other types of agarwood

2 uses of agarwood to speed up the ball

The uses that agarwood agarwood brings, specifically:

Good for health

Thanks to containing many essential oils and natural compounds, Agarwood agarwood has good effects in treating a number of cardiovascular and respiratory diseases, and enhancing the body’s resistance. The scent of agarwood also has the ability to dispel stress and fatigue, bringing a feeling of relaxation and comfort.

Good for feng shui

According to feng shui concepts, agarwood is said to have the ability to attract fortune, bring luck and success in career and life. Many people believe that owning a bass will help them have many advantages in work, study and achieving good things in life.

How to identify agarwood from other types

Identify agarwood from other types based on wood grain, scent, and weight:

Based on wood grain

The wood grain of common types of basswood is often clear, in the form of vertical stripes. Meanwhile, agarwood has soft, hard-to-distinguish lines because the rays of agarwood have penetrated evenly throughout the wood fibers.

The wood grain of the agarwood is soft
The wood grain of the agarwood is soft

Based on scent

Regular types of agarwood often have a faint odor due to the short accumulation time. Meanwhile, Agarwood possesses a warm, sweet scent due to the accumulation of essential oils over many years.

Based on weight

With the same volume of wood, agarwood will have a heavier weight, due to the large amount of essential oil inside each wood grain.

Popular products from agarwood incense sticks

With outstanding quality and special value, agarwood is not only a rare source of raw materials but also processed into many sophisticated products. Below are some of the most popular products made from agarwood:


Agarwood bracelets are made from round or burned beads, meticulously carved from high-quality agarwood. They have classic beauty, sophistication and profound feng shui meaning.


Buddha statues crafted from agarwood by talented artisans are precious feng shui gifts, carrying the spiritual power of nature. However, finding quality agarwood to make small Buddha statues is difficult, making them extremely rare and highly valuable.

Buddha statue with a ball
Buddha statue with a ball


Agarwood essential oil is extracted from wood using traditional methods. This is a rare aromatherapy and has many uses in traditional medicine. With the characteristic aroma of agarwood, ocelot essential oil is often used for steam bathing, bathing, reducing stress and enhancing resistance.

In addition, this essential oil is also widely used in cosmetic products such as skin cream, shower gel, perfume, etc. With a pure and benign fragrance, the essential oil is highly effective in treating acne. care and nourish the skin.

Where to buy quality agarwood bracelets?

Khuong Tram Huong is a unit specializing in providing high quality natural agarwood products, notably agarwood bracelets. With many years of experience in the field of agarwood, we are proud to be the address providing the best quality agarwood rings on the market. All Agarwood products at the store are carefully selected from natural ingredients, ensuring quality and scent.

Khuong Tram Huong provides the best agarwood products
Khuong Tram Huong provides the best agarwood products

Our agarwood bracelets are made from round or burned beads… meticulously carved from the highest quality agarwood. We are committed to providing bracelets with sophisticated, luxurious designs and preserving the long-lasting scent of agarwood.

Come to Khuong Tram Huong to find and buy the best quality agarwood products, bringing many benefits to the health and spirit of your family.

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Hopefully through the article, readers will have more useful knowledge about bass balls. Let’s appreciate and preserve the good values ​​that nature has given us! If you are interested in buying agarwood bracelets, you can contact Khuong Tram Huong for the best advice.

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