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Agarwood incense is an indispensable spiritual cultural product in the spiritual life of Vietnamese people. Today, with the development of technology, making incense sticks has become easy. However, not everyone understands it How to make incense high quality standards. The article below is by Khuong Tram Huong will give detailed instructions on how to make incense properly at home. Let’s take a look now!

Some details about the profession of producing agarwood incense

The profession of producing agarwood incense in Vietnam has a history of formation and development spanning thousands of years. This is one of the unique traditional crafts, expressing national cultural identity.

The profession of producing agarwood incense is a traditional beauty that needs to be preserved
The profession of producing agarwood incense is a traditional beauty that needs to be preserved

Traditional craft villages are famous for producing agarwood incense with many different ways of making agarwood incense, creating unique characteristics with diverse colors and warm scents. Today, with the development of technology, the production process has been improved to be more modern but still retains the core features imbued with tradition.

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Process of making quality agarwood incense

Here are 8 basic steps in the process of making standard incense sticks:

Step 1: Prepare ingredients

Agarwood incense is made from agarwood raw materials. Therefore, the quality of incense will depend on whether the source of agarwood is good or bad. In this step, the worker will prepare the necessary ingredients to make incense such as agarwood powder, vegetable glue,… Then, carefully check each type of ingredient, removing impurities and dirt.

Step 2: Create agarwood powder

In this step, agarwood powder is put into a mortar or blender and ground until smooth. Then sift through a sieve to remove residue and get the fine powder. The finer the powder, the higher the quality of the incense.

Agarwood powder needs to be sifted to remove residue
Agarwood powder needs to be sifted to remove residue

Step 3: Mix incense powder with vegetable glue

Finely ground agarwood powder is mixed with vegetable glue and water. Water is the catalyst to bind incense powder and vegetable glue in a suitable ratio. Normally, the color of incense will be light brown or dark brown, which is also the natural color of agarwood powder. If the agarwood incense has a different color, it may be artificial or the wood pulp material is not from the Aquilaria tree.

Step 4: Shape the product

Depending on the intended use, you can create incense products such as:

  • Agarwood incense stick with toothpick: Shape it like a mouse’s tail and then wrap it around a bamboo toothpick or incense stick.
  • Agarwood incense without toothpick: Forms a round or square cylinder.
  • Ring incense sticks: Create spirals or other beautiful shapes.

Step 5: Dry naturally

After shaping, expose it to the sun to dry naturally. Be careful not to expose the incense to direct sunlight or wind or rain to avoid crumbling.

Step 6: Check the product for the first time

After drying, the product will be checked again. If you see any warping, warping, or cracking, cut it off. At the same time, adjust the size to be uniform and standard as required.

Step 7: Dehumidify the incense

At this step, the incense will be put into a dehumidifying room to completely remove remaining moisture. In addition, this step also helps increase the scent of the incense, improving product quality in the best way.

Dehumidify the incense before packaging the product
Dehumidify the incense before packaging the product

Step 8: Second check and packaging

To ensure quality, workers will check product quality before packaging, ensuring it meets standards in terms of texture, scent,… After that, the product will be carefully and thoroughly packaged to avoid openings or tearing.

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Important notes when making agarwood incense

To make quality incense sticks and ensure health safety for users, it is necessary to pay attention to the following issues:

  • Ingredients: Choose good, high quality ingredients without impurities. Agarwood must be pure and the powder must be dry.
  • Clean the tools and ingredients for making incense. Avoid letting insects and bacteria enter and contaminate the materials.
  • Mixing ratio: The mixing ratio of ingredients must be just enough, not more or less than the standard. Strictly follow the recommended ratio to achieve moderate flexibility and ease of shaping.
  • Mixing and shaping techniques: Must follow the correct process, skillfully and meticulously to create beautiful products.
  • Drying: Choose the right time to dry in the sun. Avoid letting the product get wet or warped.
  • Thorough inspection: Check and remove errors before packaging. Make sure the product is straight, not warped or moldy.
  • Storage: Store the product in appropriate conditions, avoiding mold and odor.

If you follow the above notes correctly, you will easily make quality, delicious, and durable agarwood incense sticks over time.

Important notes in how to make agarwood incense
Important notes in how to make agarwood incense

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Khuong Tram Huong – Supplier of reputable agarwood incense

Khuong Tram Huong is the leading supplier of high quality and reputable agarwood incense products in Vietnam. With many years of experience in the profession, we are committed to providing customers with delicious, standard agarwood incense products:

  • 100% natural ingredients from pure agarwood, not mixed with toxic chemicals.
  • The closed agarwood incense production process ensures hygiene and safety for consumers
  • The characteristic strong scent of natural agarwood.
  • Reasonable price, suitable for many customers who want to buy incense.

Khuong Tram Huong commits to accompanying you, bringing satisfaction in product and service quality. Khuong Tram Huong’s incense products include:

  • Agarwood incense sticks have toothpicks
  • The incense sticks are empty
  • Agarwood incense ring

All products are made with 100% natural ingredients, no preservatives, no artificial colorants. In particular, we are committed to saying no to toxic chemicals.

Come to Khuong Tram Huong to find and buy the best quality agarwood incense products, suitable for the use and economic needs of every family.

Khuong Tram Huong

  • Address: 516 Pham Van Dong, Ward 13, Binh Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh City
  • Phone: 0968.271.199
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Website: https://khuongtramhuong.com/
Khuong Tram Huong is a supplier of high quality agarwood incense
Khuong Tram Huong is a supplier of high quality agarwood incense

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Frequently asked questions

Below are some frequently asked questions about how to make this incense:

Why must you choose good ingredients to make incense?

Good raw materials determine the quality of agarwood incense products. If the ingredients are poor and contain many impurities, the incense will not be fragrant or unpleasant when burned.

Why must the right proportion of ingredients be mixed to make incense?

Mixing in the right ratio helps the ingredients stick together better to form a solid incense mass. If mixed in the wrong ratio, the incense will easily break when used.

Why must incense be dried in the sun?

Sunlight helps the incense dry quickly and evenly and retain its beautiful natural color. If not exposed to sunlight, incense will take a long time to dry and will easily become moldy.

Dry the incense to maintain its beautiful natural color
Dry the incense to maintain its beautiful natural color

How to best preserve agarwood incense?

Agarwood incense should be stored in a sealed box, in a cool, dry place. Avoid damp, hot and humid elements that damage the incense.

What is the smell of natural incense?

The smell of natural agarwood incense often has the gentle, pure scent of the essential oil in the agarwood tree. This smell is very pleasant, lasts for a long time and does not cause respiratory discomfort.

So, through the above article you can see how to make incense Although simple, it is very elaborate and meticulous. To make delicious, standard incense sticks is not simple. Hopefully with the sharing from Khuong Tram Huong , readers will better understand the traditional way of making agarwood incense as well as its cultural significance for Vietnamese people.

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