[Kiến thức] Kalimantan Agarwood and things you don’t know

Trầm hương Kalimantan có nhiều loại

Kalimantan Agarwood is one of the most sought after types of agarwood today. With a unique origin from the island of Borneo and a unique aroma, Kalimantan agarwood conquers consumers with its natural beauty and immense value. To learn more about this precious type of agarwood, the article below by Khuong Tram Huong will provide you with the most detailed information about the characteristics, uses as well as experience in choosing to buy quality Kalimantan agarwood.

What is Kalimantan Agarwood?

Kalimantan agarwood originates from Kalimantan island in Indonesian territory). This is the largest island in Asia and ranks 3rd in the world in terms of area. Kalimantan agarwood is formed from natural agarwood trees growing on the island after absorbing the essence of heaven and earth, accumulating large amounts of natural essential oils to form unique blocks of agarwood.

Kalimantan agarwood accumulates large amounts of natural essential oils
Kalimantan agarwood accumulates large amounts of natural essential oils

Depending on the climatic conditions and terrain, Kalimantan agarwood has different characteristics and flavors. In general, these are all high-quality agarwood, of great value.

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Popular types of Kalimantan agarwood

Kalimantan agarwood is divided into 4 main types:

North Kalimantan

The highest agarwood in this region is Malinau, the scent of North Kalimantan will be similar and difficult to distinguish from Malinau agarwood. The scent of North Kalimantan agarwood will be one level lower because Malinau has a more pure milk scent than Malinau, North Kalimantan will have a slightly cool and spicy scent mixed with pink. This is one of the rare places with extremely classy golden oil agarwood.

West Kalimantan

The agarwood here has a particularly fruity scent, cooler than Cambodian agarwood but somewhat more pleasant.

East Kalimantan

East Kalimantan often has the color of red wood, is old, has a strong herbal smell due to the high number of years of agarwood accumulation and the high content of agarwood oil. The scent layer is clear, sweet, spicy, cool and not mixed. This is considered the highest quality agarwood of Kalimantan after Tarakan.

South Kalimantan

South Kalimantan is similar to East Kalimantan, usually dark red wood in color and has a strong herbal smell. This is also the highest quality agarwood of Kalimantan after Tarakan.

Thus, it can be seen that each type of Kalimantan agarwood has its own characteristics, creating the diverse beauty of Kalimantan agarwood.

There are many types of Kalimantan agarwood
There are many types of Kalimantan agarwood

Characteristics of Kalimantan agarwood

Regardless of the region, Kalimantan agarwood has some common characteristics:

  • Rich, passionate fragrance with many different layers of scent
  • Often has a sweet, cool scent typical of agarwood
  • It has a spicy, salty, earthy or milky taste depending on the type
  • Beautiful natural color, rich in essential oils
  • The scent lasts for a long time, when inhaled you feel relaxed and comfortable

In addition, each type of Kalimantan agarwood also has its own unique characteristics in flavor, color, form,… creating diversity within this same group of high-quality agarwood.

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3 uses of Kalimantan agarwood

With its unique fragrance and nutrients found in natural essential oils, Kalimantan agarwood brings many great benefits to humans.

About health

Breathing the air with the scent of Kalimantan agarwood will help relax the mind, dispel stress and fatigue. Research shows that the scent of agarwood can also effectively reduce headaches and joint pain. Besides, agarwood also has the effect of purifying the air and naturally killing bacteria, helping to protect the health of your whole family.

About spirituality and feng shui

According to feng shui, Kalimantan agarwood is a symbol of prosperity and luck. Kalimantan agarwood contains a strong source of energy, capable of repelling evil spirits, bringing prosperity and fortune to the homeowner. Therefore, using agarwood in feng shui at home or office is extremely meaningful.

Kalimantan agarwood contains strong energy, repelling evil spirits
Kalimantan agarwood contains strong energy, repelling evil spirits

Raw materials for making jewelry

Not only is it a precious feng shui item, Kalimantan agarwood is also used to create unique jewelry products such as bracelets, necklaces, bracelets,… Sophisticated bass bracelets always show the class and beauty of the owner. At the same time, according to feng shui, agarwood jewelry also helps increase luck for the wearer.

Is the price of Kalimantan agarwood expensive?

As a unique, high-quality agarwood, Kalimantan agarwood has a quite high price, about 1 – 2 million VND/gram depending on type and quality. Among them, North Kalimantan and South Kalimantan are the two most expensive types due to their scarce quantity and outstanding quality. Products made from Kalimantan agarwood such as jewelry, agarwood statues,… are also of great value.

Compare Vietnamese agarwood and Kalimantan agarwood

Vietnamese agarwood and Kalimantan agarwood are both high-quality agarwood, popular with many people. However, these two types of bass still have some differences that need to be noted.


Vietnamese agarwood is mainly extracted from the Aquilaria Crassna agarwood tree grown in the country. Meanwhile, Kalimantan agarwood originates from the Aquilaria Malaccensis agarwood tree growing wild on Kalimantan island, Indonesia.


Vietnamese Agarwood often has a more elegant, gentle scent. Kalimantan agarwood is more fragrant, with many different layers of flavor, often with a characteristic spicy and salty taste.

Kalimantan Agarwood with a passionate scent
Kalimantan Agarwood with a passionate scent


Because it is produced domestically, Vietnamese agarwood is often cheaper, only a few hundred thousand dong per gram. Because Kalimantan agarwood has to be imported, it is more expensive, about 1-2 million VND per gram.

Share your experience in choosing to buy the right Kalimantan agarwood

Kalimantan agarwood is a high-quality agarwood with great value. However, on the market today there are also many fake agarwood products of Kalimantan origin. Therefore, to choose real Kalimantan agarwood, you need to note some of the following experiences:

  • Firstly, it is necessary to carefully study the characteristics of real Kalimantan agarwood as a basis for comparison and distinction from fake agarwood. Specifically, in terms of color, Kalimantan agarwood is often dark red or dark brown. Regarding scent, Kalimantan agarwood has a strong, long-lasting aroma, with a spicy, salty, and characteristic earthy smell.
  • Second, you should buy Kalimantan agarwood at reputable stores with clear business licenses. Avoid buying at places of unknown origin to limit buying fake goods.
  • Third, when buying agarwood, you should look directly at the block of agarwood, check whether the color and scent match the description of Kalimantan agarwood. At the same time, you should ask for a quote and compare it with the market price to avoid being ripped off.
  • Fourth, you should initially buy a small amount to experience it first. If you like it and match the description, buy more.
Note a few things when buying Kalimantan agarwood to avoid counterfeit goods
Note a few things when buying Kalimantan agarwood to avoid counterfeit goods

Khuong Tram Huong – Providing reputable Indo agarwood bracelets

Khuong Tram Huong is a unit specializing in providing high-quality agarwood products originating from Indonesia. With many years of experience in the field of agarwood business, Khuong Tram Huong is proud to be a reputable address providing the highest quality Indo agarwood bracelets in the Vietnamese market.

Khuong Tram Huong is committed to providing 100% Indonesian agarwood bracelet products with standard origin, with public and transparent prices. Our dedicated consulting staff answers all customer questions.

Indonesian agarwood bracelet products at Khuong Tram Huong are diverse in types, sizes, and designs, suitable for all customers. In particular, the store also accepts orders to make agarwood bracelets according to each customer’s individual requirements.

Khuong Tram Huong provides quality Indonesian agarwood bracelets
Khuong Tram Huong provides quality Indonesian agarwood bracelets

In addition, Khuong Tram Huong also provides nationwide delivery and door-to-door collection services. Warranty policy and return policy if counterfeit goods are detected. Products within 30 days if due to manufacturer’s error, 1 for 1 exchange will apply.

With outstanding advantages in reputation, product quality and customer service, Khuong Tram Huong deserves to be the top choice when you need to buy Indo agarwood rings.

  • Commitment to 100% Indonesian agarwood standard of origin
  • Prices are public and transparent
  • Dedicated and enthusiastic consulting
  • Nationwide Delivery
  • Return if found to be fake

Contact Khuong Tram Huong immediately for advice and to buy quality Kalimantan agarwood:

Khuong Tram Huong

  • Address: 516 Pham Van Dong, Ward 13, Binh Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh City
  • Phone: 0968.271.199
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Website: https://khuongtramhuong.com/

Hopefully with the above sharing, readers will have a more general view of Kalimantan agarwood This unique. Don’t forget to apply the shared experiences to choose real Kalimantan agarwood of the highest quality!

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