Bach Ky Nam: Concept, value and how to distinguish from slow speed

Bạch Kỳ Nam có nguồn gốc tự nhiên và cực kỳ hiếm gặp

Bach Ky Nam It is likened to a “diamond” in the agarwood village because of its rarity and unparalleled value. So what is Bach Ky Nam? Why is it so expensive? Let’s Khuong Tram Huong find out in the article below!

What is Bach Ky Nam?

Bach Ky Nam is considered the rarest and most expensive species in the world. Bach Ky Nam has a milky white color, looks like jade, feels very soft and contains a high content of essential oils. Of the four types of Kynan, White Kynan contains the most essential oils.

The process of forming Bach Ky Nam is very natural, lasting hundreds of years. It requires the accumulation of essential oils from damage to the Aquilaria tree over a long period of time. Bach Ky Nam is extremely rare, can only be found in certain areas. It takes thousands of years to form, so it is very difficult to exploit.

Bach Ky Nam has a natural origin and is extremely rare
Bach Ky Nam has a natural origin and is extremely rare

Outstanding features of Bach Ky Nam

Compared to other types of agarwood, Bach Ky Nam has the following unique characteristics:

  • Characteristic opaque white color: The most recognizable point of Bach Ky Nam is its color. The agarwood block has a very characteristic opaque white color, creating a feeling of purity and innocence as if from a fairyland.
  • Characteristic pure, sweet scent: Not only beautiful, Bach Ky Nam also impresses with its unique pure, sweet scent. This is the point that no ordinary agarwood can compare to.
  • Flexible texture, contains lots of essential oils: Unlike regular agarwood, which often has a certain hardness, Bach Ky Nam has a very soft, smooth texture. This is because during the process of formation and development, the sap layer is continuously pressed and compressed inside the wood block, creating such a characteristic texture.
  • Thousands of years old: An extremely special feature of Bach Ky Nam is its extremely “old” age. According to researchers, the age of a block of Bach Ky Nam can be up to 700 – 1000 years, or even more.

That’s why Bach Ky Nam is also called “premium” among all types of agarwood. The older it is, the more its value and appeal increases.

Distinctive characteristics of Bach Ky Nam
Distinctive characteristics of Bach Ky Nam

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Why is Bach Ky Nam so rare?

According to research, Bach Ky Nam can only be found naturally in some primeval forest areas in Vietnam and Laos. In particular, the birthplace of Bach Ky Nam must ensure ideal conditions of humidity, temperature and light.

Specifically, the primary forests where Bach Ky Nam is located are often deep forests with high humidity all year round. This helps the Avocado tree grow well and continuously secrete sap to protect itself. In addition, a stable temperature all year round, not too hot or cold, is also important. Because with strong temperature fluctuations, the formation process of Bach Ky Nam can be affected.

Regarding light, Aquilaria trees grow in dense forest canopy so they are not exposed to direct sunlight. This helps Bach Ky Nam have a characteristic milky white color, unaffected by UV rays or seasonal color changes.

Because of these special conditions, finding Bach Ky Nam in the wild is extremely difficult. Therefore, the extremely limited quantity is understandable, making Bach Ky Nam even more rare and valuable.

Bach Ky Nam is increasingly rare and highly valuable
Bach Ky Nam is increasingly rare and highly valuable

3 great values ​​of Bach Ky Nam

With its unique characteristics, Bach Ky Nam brings the following great values:

For human health

  • Bach Ky Nam essential oil has a sedative effect and naturally relieves stress.
  • Fragrance also has the ability to purify the air, creating a fresh environment.
  • Bach Ky Nam is also used to treat diseases in Oriental medicine, supporting the effective treatment of many diseases.

Thus, Bach Ky Nam has great value in protecting and improving health.

For spiritual feng shui

According to feng shui concept:

  • Bach Ky Nam symbolizes purity and luck.
  • It has the ability to attract wealth and bring prosperity to the homeowner.
  • Bach Ky Nam also drives away evil spirits and brings peace to the house.

That’s why Bach Ky Nam is a feng shui item sought after by many people.

High-end jewelry products

Thanks to its natural beauty, Bach Ky Nam is also crafted into luxury jewelry products:

  • Bach Ky Nam bracelet
  • Bach Ky Nam necklace
  • Bach Ky Nam rings and earrings

These are all expensive jewelry products, showing the class of the owner. Thus, Bach Ky Nam not only has spiritual value but is also a type of luxury jewelry.

Bach Ky Nam bracelet shows the of the owner
Bach Ky Nam bracelet shows the class of the owner

How much is Bach Ky Nam worth today?

Currently, the price of Bach Ky Nam in the market ranges from 8 – 10 billion VND/kg for raw Bach Ky Nam. For high quality Bach Ky Nam blocks with few blemishes, beautiful color and high essential oil content, the price can be up to 30 – 50 billion VND/kg.

Thus, the price of Bach Ky Nam depends on the following factors:

  • Color: The more opaque white the Bach Ky Nam is, the higher the price
  • Size: The larger the Bach Ky Nam block, the greater its value
  • Age: The older Bach Ky Nam is, the higher its value, and can be up to thousands of years old
  • Essential oil ratio: The greater the essential oil content, the more expensive the price
  • Smoothness: The less blemishes the Bach Ky Nam has, the greater its value

Thus, depending on each type, the price of Bach Ky Nam can fluctuate between 8 – 50 billion VND/kg.

Bach Ky Nam has a high price ranging from 8 to 50 billion VND
Bach Ky Nam has a high price ranging from 8 to 50 billion VND

Compare details about Bach Ky Nam and regular bass

Below is a detailed comparison table between Bach Ky Nam and regular bass:

Tiêu chí

Trầm hương tự nhiên

Trầm hương nhân tạo

Màu sắc

Màu trắng đục đặc trưng

Màu vàng, nâu hoặc đen

Độ cứng

Mềm, dẻo

Cứng hơn, một số loại chìm trong nước

Độ hiếm

Cực kỳ hiếm, khó tìm

Dễ dàng tìm thấy hơn

Tinh dầu

Chứa nhiều tinh dầu nhất

Tinh dầu ít hơn

Tuổi đời

700 - 1000 năm

5 - 10 năm


8 - 50 tỷ đồng/kg

10 - 500 triệu đồng/kg

Thus, Bach Ky Nam has many differences from regular bass:

  • Bach Ky Nam is rare and much more expensive than regular agarwood
  • Bach Ky Nam is softer and more flexible, containing more essential oils
  • Bach Ky Nam has a much longer lifespan than regular agarwood
  • The opaque white color of Bach Ky Nam is very characteristic, easy to distinguish from other types of agarwood

The above differences are the factors that determine the expensive value of Bach Ky Nam compared to regular bass.

Where to buy the best quality Bach Ky Nam?

Due to the extremely rare and expensive nature of Bach Ky Nam, finding and buying this precious agarwood is not simple. To buy standard Bach Ky Nam, you should choose reputable addresses with legal business licenses.

No matter where you buy, you need to pay attention to the following issues to avoid buying poor quality fake goods:

  • Carefully check documents certifying origin and quality of Bach Ky Nam.
  • Compare with actual samples and photos to ensure match in color, size, scent…
  • Ask the seller to commit to a warranty if the product is found to be not as advertised.
Note some issues when buying Bach Ky Nam
Note some issues when buying Bach Ky Nam

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Thus, the above article has compiled the most detailed information surrounding the “jewel” Bach Ky Nam. Hopefully these shares will help you better understand this rare line. If you need to buy reputable agarwood products, please contact Khuong Tram Huong for the best support.

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